Psoriasis English

  • Psoriasis is related to an Auto immune disease and falls under the Pitta dosha of Ayurveda…
  • As we know how a plant cannot grow without a seed, this Psoriasis disease grows with the initiation of this Miasma.
  • The main cause for the Psoriasis to develop in the human body is due to the pitta dosha a misam.
  • These miasmas will affect the Enzymes related to gallbladder in the stomach and causes indigestion problems.
  • The food which is taken inside will not be digested.
  • There will be no proper bowl movement for these patients who are associated with scanty and periodic bowel movements.
  • The food which increases thePitta miasma are Coconut, Groundnut, Brinjal, Kenaf /Hibiscus cannabinus) or Roselle /Hibiscus sabdariffa,( Gongoora),  and foods food made of chik pea powder.
  • Psoriasis and Leprosy may arise in the same Miasma, there are 80 varieties of other diseases under this Miasma and Psoriasis is one among them.
  • It looks like some silvery scales seen in advanced cases on the body which are difficult to cure, but our medicine will cure this.
  • Person suffering with Psoriasis will have problem related to skin infections, and they will never be reduced. These infections are not skin infections.

For example: Skin infection for leprosy patients never reduce

Skin infection caused by Diabetic Neuropathy never reduce

  • Symptoms of having Psoriasis:

Severe itching sensation of skin, if the patient start rubbing the skin it will turn into skin infection

Patchy Scales on the body

If the intensity of the infection increases, the scales will be detached from the body and oozes out pus.

Patients with Psoriasis should eat only light food, which is easily digested.



How we can reduce this disease:

  • There should be strict restriction in diet, food habits should be modified
  • Initially medication is given to have a free motion
  • Food which increases Pittam should not be consumed
  • Spicy food should be avoided
  • Should have a good sound sleep
  • Should have a piece of mind
  • Body detoxification should be done by following our directions.
  • Food what you eat should be prepared with Sesame oil
  • Medication should be taken Orally, this medication will reduces the Pittam, Vaatam, Meham in the body
  • This treatment should be done progressively for a period of 120days , if the patient takes medication in a high dose it cause reaction in the body
  • If the medication is taken for 360 days there will be 100% recovery of this disease.


How can we say that this medication worked and the disease reduced?

  • Initially we insisted not to eat certain foods
  • Now the patient treated with our medication can have their regular all variety of food
  • The disease will never re-occur
  • The patient should do detoxification techniques taught by us.