Bio-Molecular Medicine – The modern curative.

Bio-Molecular Medicine – The modern curative.

Molecular medicine is a broad field where physical, chemical, biological and medical techniques are used to describe molecular structures and mechanism, identify fundamental molecular and genetic errors of disease and to develop molecular interventions to correct them.

The molecular medicine perspective emphasis is on cellular and molecular phenomenon and interventions rather than the present concept of observation of focus points in patients and their organs.(1)

There is a need for in detail discussion upon the above subject because the present concept of observation of focus points in patients and organs cannot be ruled out as ineffective.

It should not confine to the cellular structure , its disease and correction mechanism, the canvass must be broader to understand the bio- chemistry and the molecules in each compound its phenomenon and also rectification by chemical molecular intervention to correct the genetic and chemical disorders at molecular levels.

Let us examine various symptoms, systemic disorders, treatment  methodologies and its logic , effect and reasons for in- effectiveness in the below mentioned lines to evolve a most modern curative by synthesising all streams of knowledge.

Most of the skin diseases are linked to infection in the circulatory system which affects the derma due to fungus or bacterial presence in the blood. Administration of anti- fungal and anti- bacterial as oral drugs which will clean the circulatory system as well as the local topical application of the anti- fungal and anti- bacterial creams will provide remedy.

Though the symptom is on excretory system the infection is in the circulatory system and treatment has to pass through the digestive system. The treatment must be aimed at rectifying the systemic disorder rather than being symptomatic. There is every possibility of effecting the digestive system in the process. The antibiotics used to treat the infection in the circulatory system will effect digestive system by causing gastritis and will eliminate the flora in the intestine, which will cause weakness to the patient.

Most of the diseases are symptomatic in observation but linked to systemic disorders. Headache is a symptom which can be correlated to digestive system disorder, such as constipation due to gastritis . Gastritis can further manifest itself to pains in the joints because of the spaces where in gas can stay and during winter season result in acute pain.(Ayurveda – the impacts of Vata)

A mere pain killer which subsides or sedates medulla oblongata cannot provide any remedy. The remedy is symptomatic and is temporary . Hence continuation of pain killers which sedates CNS are administered rather than addressing the issue of gastritis and rectification of system.

Most of the medicines are orally administered which pass through the digestive system. Respiratory tract infection is often treated with very powerful anti- bio tics such as azithromycin/ roxythromycin through oral administration. These drugs they travel through gastrum and can cause adverse effects in gastrum and also kill the flora in the intestines while passing into the circulatory system to reach respiratory tract and provide remedy. This action leads to downfall of b- complex vitamins which cause weakness in the patient.

Hence treatment should be aimed at reaching the system without meddling with rest of the systems and cause damage to the patients’s various organs. Hence study must be done to understand various contradictions arising out of methodology of treatment.

In nov 1949 in a seminal paper ” sickle cell anaemia- a molecular disease “(2) published in science magazine by Linus panting,Harvey Itano and their collaborators laid the foundation and ground work for establishing the field of molecular medicine

In the year 1980  Yeit Wai Kan (3)suggested a prenatal genetic test for  Thallesemia  that did not rely upon DNA sequencing then in its infancy but on restricted enzymes that cut DNA where they recognised specific short sequences, creating different lengths of DNA strands depending on which allele( genetic variation) the fetus processed.

Molecular diagnostics uses biological assays such as PCR- Elisa or Fluorescence in situ hybridisation (4). The assay detects a molecule often in low concentrations that is a marker of disease or risk in a sample taken from a patient

It is very important to develop a hand held device to understand the molecular changes occurring in a patient during affect of an infectious or genetic disease.

The molecular diagnostics may not be the one stop solution in diagnosing majority of symptoms. Diabetes is recognised as a genetic disorder in which the destruction of beta- cells happen rampantly and inhibit the production of insulin in pancreas. There are many cases of type 2 diabetes in which the cause is identified as psychological stress. It is also observed that psychological stress can cause hyper acidity and also release hormones such as Cortisols, catecholamines etc which will inhibit action of the insulin.

Hence this contradiction has to be noted and understood that simple molecular diagnosis does not provide the ultimate answers. It is imperative to note that diagnosis must be aimed at checking the gene molecular disorder along with the changes in the bio- chemistry of the patient due to various other factors.

The Bio- chemistry of human body is often being corrected by infusion of chemical compounds by oral infusion which will have its impact on entire body and all the systems.

The symptoms are to be corroborated with the systemic disorder ,  understand the genetic factors, study the biochemistry of patient to finalise the causes and factors contributing to the disease and provide remedy  by designing the treatment to do specific actions to rectify the causes and give relief to the patient . Unlike the present day methodology of treating the symptoms rather than comprehensive diagnosis and treatment.

The synthetic chemicals in oral medication often cause side effects because it is not working only at the site of disease but travels from digestive system through circulatory system by which the efficacy is lost and over dose affects will cause hormone imbalances apart from other side effects such as gastritis, hepatitis, histaminic disorders.

As it is a well known fact that the number of diseases mankind is being affected are growing and the disorders have to be cured if not prevented. The present day medication is able to management but unable to prevent and provide complete cure.

Hence it has become imperative to invent a medical system which will have comprehensive study, provide cure with efficacy and with minimum side effects.

The best methodology was to develop a medical system which is Bio- molecular based to enable better cure and least side effects.

Let us examine Bio- molecular medicine and its efficacy in treating diabetic peripheral neuropathy. The ineffectiveness of neurones in conducting the electromagnetic waves in improving the blood circulation from the bottom of the foot as well as vasodilatation caused by usage of beta blockers, excessive consumption of alcohol etc are all the contributing factors for this disease.

We have observed that geraniol can cause vaso- constriction which is very essential in all peripheral neuropathy cases and have extracted geraniol from herbal sources through steam distillation process which will only extract active ingredient without alkaloids and have blended it with other active molecules like linalool acetate again extracted from herbal sources in the similar process and when applied upon the affected part ( sole of the foot) the results are excellent.

Similarly when we have extracted melatonin from sunflower seeds and blended with santallic acid and with linalool which has phytosterol activity and applied upon peripheral vessels it is found to be of good efficacy inhibiting the lipid peroxidation a better methodology to reduce LDL cholesterol without disturbing HDL thus providing the sufficient lubrication to the heart and removing cholesterol blocks simultaneously reducing the stenosis effect. The active molecules being extracted from herbal sources rather than synthetically developed has helped in treatment without causing side effects.
Melatonin a hormone secreted by pineal glands in the brain is known to be sleep inducing and has anti oxidant properties, the lipid peroxidation inhibition caused by phytosterols (5)extracted from sunflower seeds and sesame seeds have reduced LDL.(6),

Bio- molecular medicine has proven to be a better medical management because the molecules which have the efficacy to provide treatment for the ailment are studied and extracted from bio sources and are applied upon such parts which allow penetration into the body and cure the systemic disorder rather than providing symptomatic relief which is temporary.

The Bio- molecular medicine developed is generally a topical application which penetrates and corrects the molecular disturbance at genetic and bio- chemical levels, without interfering with other organs of the patient thus establishing a local action.

Let us examine the most  prevalent disease of diabetes , the molecular disturbance at the gene level inhibits the pancreatic performance by destruction of beta cells in the pancreas, whereas by topically applying bio- molecular extracts upon the pancreatic area the infusion of molecules are direct in situ and slowly correct the molecular malfunction and enhance the performance of beta cells and insulin production can be enhanced.

There is a study which confirms the release of ACTH due to stress and this hormone is pro glucose.
Hypoglycaemia causes major stress and stimulates CRH and ACTH release(7). The ACTH also promotes secretion of glucocorticoids which enhance stimulation of  glucogenesis in particular in the liver. In the fasted state cortisol stimulates several processes that collectively serve to increase and maintain glucose in blood (8).  Hence stress reducing medication which will eventually reduce secretion of CRH, ACTH and Glucocorticoids is essential in controlling sugar levels in blood.

The bio- molecular extract when applied upon the neck had resulted in redressal of stiff neck and as well reduce the release of ACTH which helped in enhancing the performance of insulin in the patient.

There are various theories of understanding and diagnosis and treatment of diseases, which may be contrary yo each other. The ancient Indian system of medicine which has enumerated many diseases during the period of 600 bc and has also provided remedies which contemplates usage of food and various herbs . This methodology of Greek and Indian system of medicine has its own weaknesses due to administration of metals and un purified herbs which can cause damages to various organs.

Hence forth any one methodology of understanding and diagnosis of a disease can not be ruled out because each symptom is correlated to a systemic disorder. Let us understand the issue of Migraine a form of headache for which the remedy is usage of pain killers and those do not provide any relief.

As per the understanding of the Ayurveda hyper-Pitta  can cause many disorders like alopecia , burning of eyes , cracks in the feet and thirstiness which are also co- symptoms of migraine. Though there will be no evidential temperature rise in the patient but the symptoms indicate hyper- Pitta. The treatment when provided to the patient to reduce all the co- symptoms, Migraine is cured.

Hence the diagnosis and treatment must be based out of a fusion of all streams of knowledge and positive factors of all must be combined without ruling out any methodology. Nothing can be singularly complete and knowledge is dynamic and scientific knowledge must be dynamic to accept study , synthesise all forms of knowledge and provide remedies to the maladies faced by patients.

Hence molecules  from various herbs which have the capacity to rectify the molecular deficiencies either genetic or chemical should be extracted without alkaloids and other contaminants through steam distillation technology in which the active ingredient is obtained to form the medicine. The extraction of molecules have to be further developed from existing methodologies where in the purified molecule is extracted and blended with the other complimenting bio molecules.

We have developed such formulations which are tested upon various cases with symptoms and found that the efficacy of the formulation is very good. The results in treating peripheral neuropathy, Migraine, Diabetes Mellitus, Hyper tension , Cervical Spondylitis, Lumbar pain, Joint pains, Foot drop, are very positive and encouraging.

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